Friday 4 October 2019

Save the Date!

Can you believe this:
Wipso and Twiglet have offered to host the WOYWW Crop next year! 
6th June 2020. I think it must be like having a forget about the hassle and pain in the fun of the moment and then look back on it with warmth and affection, so doing it again seems like a good idea! How marvellous. 6th June 2020.
Seriously, huge thanks to the Sisters of Stitch and really, try to come and see some of your fellow word it’s a lot of fun. And food, actually. A lot of both! 6th June 2020.
No commitment required for ages yet...but do make up your mind to join us for some fun. I cant guarantee you’ll do any crafting to speak of though! 6th June 2020. If I say it enough, you will automatically write it in your new diary at Christmas. 6th June 2020.

There was a um, crowd of press photographers at WOYWW Crop 10. Actually,  it’s some of our lovely partners taking our group picture once or twice.


  1. Crop get together sounds amazing. I was wondering where in the UK it will be held? I am in North Wales, but it is likely we will be away with the caravan and next years route hasn’t been done yet.

  2. I've saved the date....can't wait and I'm hoping the Paparazzi are all there to record it again.:-)
    Annie x

  3. Hee, hee I recognise one of those photographers, he came along with me! It was all fab, and he enjoyed it too! Great venue and so convenient. It will be in my diary! X

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  5. I shall be putting this date in my diary - just as soon as I have been to craft Llandudno and bought one!!

  6. Date already in my (digital) diary, Julia. One of those 'press photographers' came tags along with me and wouldn't miss the crop for the world. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  7. I'm up for it definitely!

  8. All booked now so we can look forward to our fun day with friends and of course get glammed up for our usual photo shoots!! xx Jo

  9. We're in....the only time Peter can get a decent amount of work done on his 'toys' he says! Great venue in ShrewsBury

  10. Oh Julia, how I’d love to say yes, I’d do love our group. Seriously I’ll be sharing on next WOYWW how inspiring they are, I just finished a single layer Christmas card courtesy of a WOYWW-er’s inspiration!
    ..if pennies would extend that far and health I’d say yesss but suspect no...but really truly I’m ever so grateful to have made a Llandudno one,chez Margaret!
    Prayer hugs Shaz.x

  11. Woohoo! What date was it again?....... 😁

  12. Woohoo it's in my diary! We will be there!


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