Monday 15 August 2016

I'm officially my Mother....

For as long as I've been able to understand speech, people have told me how like my Mother I look. My adult response has always been 'thank you' and if there's time, an explanation that I'm actually more like my younger sister than my sainted Mama.  And that's all true. It's also totally true that all those clich├ęs and sayings about being like your Mother apply to me.
We could (and I stress "could" share shoes. There is a point in my memory when we did....early 1980's, we had the Marks and Spencer pointy toe high heel sling backs in every colour between us. I wore the white ones on my wedding day. Mistake that, with a hooped skirt on your wedding dress...the bloody hoop got trapped between my foot and the shoe on every step....argh. I digress.

I learned from Mama that if you see a potential gift for someone, buy it, if you can afford it. Save it for the occasion. If you can't afford it, write it down in a proper not-to-be-lost notebook rather than think you'll remember it. This has really been helpful. Mostly, I am therefore reasonably prepared. With ideas, if not actual presents for birthday and Christmas times.
Which is why, earlier this month, my desk was a wrapping station for Christmas gifts. Just as my Mother would have done, I used my niece's UK holiday as an opportunity to get my USA family's presents sent, carriage free, so to speak. I wonder if they open them all early, or if they're kept? I wonder if they think I'm amazing because I'm so organised. Or a bit of a nerd, or silly. No, as it's an inherited skill, they'd never be so rude. Would they?


  1. I'm with you, I've a drawer of Christmas gifts already!


  2. Oh to be organised like that....I wish. Not me....I'm more like my mother (enough said!) hehehe.
    Annie x

  3. Mm moi aussi Julia.
    Still truly handy to be organised. Shaz. X

  4. Good training you've had there Julia! Hoping all is well with you. ..still on such a massive catch up! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. I have not got sorted Christmas presents yet but started on making my Christmas cards !!! x

  6. Having just had a birthday pressie buying spree, and we set a present number limit, I do also have a couple of Xmas pressies already. I used to make notes, however, my absolute 'love it to bits' for pressie buying is the good old Amazon wishlist! Don't know, especially for grandkids, how I ever managed without it. If you've not come across it, it's not just for Amazon products, you can click on anything, anywhere on the net, and it will save it to a list. Then you can just go back and click on it to buy. Saved my bacon a few times, I can tell you.
    Lovely to see you yesterday, lots of love & hugs,
    Shaz xxx

  7. I try to put things away throughout the year for birthdays and Christmas! I go merrily through the year thinking things are shaping up nicely; no holiday rush for me! Until December and I look where I stash things and see that I have 15 things for one person and nothing for no one else! Aaugh!!! My life as a recovering perfectionist coupled with ever increasing age makes for a humorous outcome most days.

  8. Christmas? Nah, never till November and I'm not very happy about that. But hats off to those who are organised. I would just end up with 5 things for the same person.

  9. Brilliant idea. I often try to buy NZ family gifts whilst someone is usually over in the UK often around October. I say try as it doesn't always work out like that!!

  10. Hi Julia, I have gone faint with admiration:) I so love a woman that is organised.

    Photos of my mum as a little girl and photos of me at the same age are almost identical. Then there seemed a good 30 years when I don't think I looked like my mum. Then when I hit 50 I seemed to almost overnight look like her.

    Also I picked up her very annoying habit of saying 'love' to everyone. The other day I also heard my mum when I said 'I'm not paying that for that'.:) Makes me smile everytime I say it.

    Hope you have a lovely week. Sue

  11. as I was trying to say earlier, lol!! I am super impressed with your planning and organisation, and the neat present wrapping! now to go and find my google password so I can sign back in on my phone so I can comment from there next time!!

  12. Oh em gee!!!! That's taking organised to a whole new level!!!!

  13. Well done you on your organisation of gift buying & delivery.
    I tend to buy things throughout the year but have the same problem as many others - lots of gifts for one person & not much for anyone else LOL. I must get sorted this year.
    Toni xx

  14. Well ... I think your Mama's advice was excellent. I must remember the bit about the presents - something I should definitely take on board. Thanks you.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  15. Julia this post made me smile ALOT. I am not quite your Mother, but I have this big bag - like a Selfridges paper bag that I keep gifts these are the things that are under $5 or pounds (can't find the symbol on my US keyboard) that I can't resist. I give them as 'last minute' or 'emergency' gifts and it has never failed me..Also thank you for the beautiful card, so very unexpected and welcome in a traumatic week. Cx

  16. Julia..this is Wonderful ( if somewhat Scary ) organisation!! I mean even better organisation!!
    I have been rationalising my stash, and that makes organisation easier too.I know where to find things if I need them in a hurry ( like this week, this month!!haha he he.
    Have a good rest of week.
    Judy xx

  17. I always have a cupboard with possible pressies in - some of which are for definite people/occasions, others are just reduced stuff/TK Maxx purchases that I 'know' someone will love as much as I do. I do not wrap until nearer the date though (although the chance to get stuff over to the US is an opportunity not to ignore). Ali x


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