Friday, 18 January 2013

Take Note

If you were asked to come up with things that you know about me, apart from the wholesome and endearing descriptions,  I bet that somewhere in your list would appear my predilection to list making.  I can't help it, but it sure helps me. It may very well be my age.  I make a list, mental or actual for loads of things.  Shopping - a mental list - by aisle...lord help me if all the supermarkets change their floor plans on the same day!  Chores - a mental list.  Because when I don't do them, I don't need evidence of the lack of achievement in paper form, thank you.  It's probably my age that makes me like that.

You'll be unsurprised to learn to that lists feature in my work.  I mentioned that I was making notes for a workshop.  Well, normally I don't do 'how to' for card making because I'm right there at the workshop and like to guide with my gob. Sorry, had to, the alliteration was irresistible.  This particular workshop is all about which Ink pads to use for what when stamping.  So the notes are important and will be stuck on the back of a reference card that will have been stamped with the relevant inks.  Here's an example:

 Blah Blah.  If you're a relatively new stamper and blinded by the differences between inks, these reference cards could be useful, huh!  So that explains that.  And then, there's the regular, card making workshops where I (supposedly) work far enough in advance to let the Shopkeeper Gal have samples for display and to hopefully, encourage bookings.  Well, in this world of digi, it's easy to take a photo of the sample and make the kits up from that.  Oh No it isn't!  I've tried that and I get all sorts of things wrong, stock weight, ink colour, size of die name it. And sometimes, I forget to photograph them at all.  That IS because of my age. 
So now, when I've made a card, I make a list of ingredients.  And take the photo too.  And as I pack up the kits, so I tick off the list.  Amazing.  Great stuff.  And yep - I still prefer pen and paper for all this, despite having all the gadgets on hand.  For lists and instructions, I only use the computer if it has to be made public in some way, after all my handwriting could be considered illegible.  It's my age.
Have a lovely and safe weekend...there are some extremes of temperatures out there.


  1. Nothing wrong with lists at all. Sticking to them, however ......... BTW I think your handwriting is lovely, I wish I could write so neatly. Hope you have a safe weekend also.

  2. I've known times when I've had lists of lists so you're not alone :-)
    I do hope you can find time to snap what hmakes you smile to join in the fun over on my blog.....pleaseeeeeeee
    A x

  3. I love lists. And I love your card. keep warm

  4. I make lists for everything. it is finding them that is the problem....truly age related.

  5. I too make lists and I have (what has proved so far) a failsafe system for teaching.
    I compiled and saved to file a printable list of all the things I might possibly need and as I make samples for a workshop, I tick off everything I DO need, adding quantities, and adding anything extra to the master list.
    When I pack I cross tick as items get packed in my bags. It works for me.
    Recently I have been saving shopping lists and collecting "found" ones to make a collage for a couple of journal pages.(got 2 in Germany!) Am I SAD???
    Have a good weekend and stay safe and warm
    Jo x

  6. I am so with you on the mistakes that can be made (and are) from working from the photo...I too have taken to making notes before I hand over the cards/scrap page for display in the shop. Thought it was just my I know I am normal! LOL

  7. I like lists too for some things, like food shopping. DH is always impressed that I (like you) can make a list row by row at each supermarket - it must be a woman thing ....... hope you stay warm and safe this weekend too Julia. Anne x

  8. Hi Julia
    I could give you about 10 reasons why I like to make lists..... but that would mean another list....
    It's been snowing all day and I have been sewing all day... I love days off!

  9. I'm right there with you sister!

  10. you sound so much like my daught inlaw julia, she has a list for everything. We have had lots of snow also . Have a good & safe weekend.

  11. Katie bar the door if the grocery store changes their isles. My list is also by the isle. House cleaning should ONLY be a mental list as for the reasons you stated LOL. I even make a list of the places I need to go to and what for BEFORE I leave the house!! My list making gos back a couple of decades, so it isn't age that does it.....just reinforces it!

  12. Got to be an age thing - the older I get the more I make lists and the more I NEED my lists. The only disadvantage to this is when you get to the end of a day at work and realise there are more things added to your to do list than what you've ticked off!!!! Time to retire I think (I wish!!)
    Nothing wrong with good old pen and paper either - and that's from someone that spend 75% of her waking hours on a PC of some sort!!!

  13. I also need paper lists. After all, what would I do if the broadband failed, as it often does. However,I am very good at losing lists - could be age related. Have fun and take care out there. xx Maggie

  14. I love my lists - and have palpitations if I lose one! Mind you, if I forget my specs it's a bit embarrassing getting a chap to read a list for me at the supermarket!

    Lovely writing Julia BTW :)


  15. I always make lists for my classes, with the ingredients just like yours, and handwritten of course. Sometimes I also make daily lists so that I really get all the things done that I need to do. That list does not include cleaning chores and similar unpleasant stuff...

  16. Hi Julia...sooo glad I'm not alone in list making...
    I've neverreally thought about making mental lists
    before, but I definitely do it for chores!!!
    I know you used your Inks list as an example, but wondered
    if it would be possible to put this info on your blog..or email it to
    me please?
    ....and you're handwriting's fab !

    We have a sprinkle of snow here in Kent, expecting lots more

  17. Chris I can't reply to you personally, there's no link form your name to any blog or other method of contacting you. The notes are for a workshop next Thursday. After that, I'll put them on a seperate page on my blog for anyone that wants to refer to them. How's that?

  18. Thanks Julia, that would be great !
    I do have a poor excuse of a blog
    it's but
    theres not much on there !! xx

  19. Dont apologise for lists...i love them! I have shopping lists (on a chalk board then I take a photo of it with my phone so I have it with me shopping), a 'craft to do' list (that is the one I fail at most of all)! Work to do list, chores list, stuff to buy list, I probably even have a list of lists somewhere!!


  20. I like paper lists too - you can't delete them with the click of a button! xx

  21. Isn't it fun to blame things on our age! Great excuse! LOL! I too love lists. My biggest problem is to many lists....lose them! How do you keep track of the lists? It's my age..right!!! LOL! Hugs Lori Reinholz

  22. Lists are the only way to go. I have lists for everything, including on more than one occasion - a list of lists!!!! I have them duplicated too. Write it out and take a photo, that way I have my lists at all time.

  23. Oh I can relate to lists. I have been preping my workshops for this coming week and I also have a little book with lists of ingrediants, sizes and colours with a photo, its like a bible I would be in a right old state without it as I have the worlds worst memory. Mo x

  24. So get that. Why do you think my blog is called 'Plant's Lists?'. There are probably 10 here on my desk right now LOL.

  25. What a beautiful card! I label all of my layouts with the ingredients!

  26. What a cute card. I just put it on my list of things to try. Yes, I'm a list person too. The thing I like best about my smart phone is the calendar and the note app. I've got my whole life organized there. I' not sure, it may be age related and my sister and I laughed at all the post-it notes my dad had everywhere. We are beginning to do the same....Keep making lists, it makes me feel not so alone! Have a great week, see you Wednesday...wait, I'd better put that on my things to do list!

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