Tuesday 23 June 2009

Drawing board > reality

This is the pergola and half finished decking that transforms the (large) patio area at my sweet In-Laws home. The athletic figure in the back of the photo is Mr Dunnit, the designer, builder and installer of such splendour. He is truly a devoted son, husband and father, and I thought it would be OK to have a little brag about my man! (Mine I tell you, mine!) It's amazing huh. And better yet, a dry run for our own decking project. Although of course, ours will be on a titchy scale by comparison. So you see, I have both Dunnits at home this week. We've opted for an early stay-cation so that jobs such as that mammoth decking project can be done, so that we can see Miss Dunnit off to prom after a relaxed Friday (how exciting), so that Mr Dunnit and I can see something of each other for no reason and luckily, so we can enjoy some weather. So how does getting up an hour later than usual and eating slightly less to routine times throws such a loop in my curve? I've barely done any housework although I've been in the kitchen a lot, haven't been food shopping, although I spent a fortune in the farm shop yesterday - ah the organic pork is just incredible; I haven't managed any of last weeks challenges, although I'm still finding time to blog and I certainly haven't done much craft work. Although yesterday I spent 3 hours fiddling about with some flocked paper that wouldn't inspire me. Of course I should have put it down and done something else instead, but I didn't. I was almost jealous of Mr Dunnit's aching back by teatime, at least he'd achieved something! As I've surmised before, I'm a slave to my routine! Sunshine and Wimbledon don't help - Mr Dunnit is very keen on any sport and really has no regard for my personal 'no daytime tv' rule. (It's a pathetic attempt at self repsect - I know I'll end up in a blob on the sofa all day if I have the telly on, so I don't.) So as I type, the TV plays Wimbledon coverage to itself (because he's wandered off to do something or other - ants in his pants, that man.) I have my back to the doorway through which I could watch tv and have done something slightly overdue in honour of your fascinating comments to the last post; I've backed up my hard drive. Unsurprisingly, it's been longer than I thought, so it's a very fulfilled and not a little smug fat woman that sits before the screen. However, hold your horses though - y'all had so much to say about archiving, copying and originals that I feel a reply coming on. Will formulate and respond. Just as soon as rain stops the tennis and my lovely family go back to work and routine!


  1. Fabulous word, that, "stay-cation" - just whqt hubby and I are doing this week. Twas to decorate the dining room, which is now empty and stripped awaiting wallpaper. Wallpaper chosen after 4 very long attempts, ordered and paid for, only to find we are now awaiting a re-print from the manufacturers probably in July and the border in August, grrrrr, arrrrrrgh. Not to be out-done by having a week off and not achieve something positive, today I dragged dear hubby off to the Rag Market today and refused to come home until we had chosen and bought material and contrasting material for new curtains, black-out ling material, and enough for runner and cushions for the bedroom. And the matching curtains for the wardrobe, of course - I like to be co-ordinated! All I have to do now is make them ........

  2. How talented is your man? Does he want to come round and help mine put my new desk up? He already dropped it on his foot bringing it in and now it's a fetching purple and black... his foot not my desk.

  3. Lovely looking decking!! i could just see that out in my little yard (well filling my little yard;)). looking forward to WOYWW tomorrow I already have my next Lo planned. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog and about my little Grt-Nephew. I'm whizzing through the LO's now think I will have it finished by the start of the summer holidays, so plenty of time for my trip up to see him :)

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