We’ve marked WOYWW  anniversaries with a circular ATC exchange for some years now, and that isn’t about to change this year, for the 13th anniversary. They are easier to post than most makes and that has to be a consideration, this community is quite wide spread and so postal services provide our links really. Note I said they are easy to post, I make no claims as to how easy they are to make!

Please note several things:

You do not have to join in at all; that will never exclude you from WOYWW.
You do not have to make more than one ATC, swapping with others is entirely a matter of choice.
You do not have to have taken part in WOYWW for any specific length of time, it doesn’t matter if Week 676 is your first week or your 676th week. 
You don’t have to make an ATC, it can be anything you’d like to make to gift to your recipient Desker.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Have your make ready for  WOYWW on Week 676, or multiples if you’re going to offer to swap with others.

2. Make your normal WOYWW blog post and when you link it at my blog, add an asterisk * to your name.

3. The next name* below yours on the link list that shows an asterisk* will be the recipient of your ATC/make, contact them or mention in your comment to them that you need their address and please then post your make to them within 24 hours. 

4. The last person on the list will send to the first person on the list….please allow for time zones, not everyone posts on British Summer Time!

MISTAKES happen. If you forget to add the asterisk*, re-link. Doesn’t matter how many times! I am the administrator and will delete un-asterisked links if you subsequently add another link with an *.

STRESS makes me miserable. If you are too busy, can’t afford it, can’t find it in you, don’t want to, hate the idea, then please don’t. It’s meant to be a bit of fun, and as soon as you feel a pressure, it’s no fun. 

LASTLY: Thanks.

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