We've moved the WOYWW Crop, people. The new venue and other details remain the same, but we're moving it forward to November 26th. It's still a Saturday. We could call it an Early Christmas Crop if you'd like. Or, The Last Payday Before Christmas Crop.

Whatever, we think you'll be better prepared for the month that follows if you come to chat and craft
with us before the annual assault begins. This may be the perfect opportunity to make the Christmas cards that you otherwise simply don't carve out time to do. I may be thinking aloud here.
Sorry to mess you about if your diary is now untidy; but you'll see, it's better this way. For some reason! . So...
Saturday 26th November 10am till 4pm as usual.
Wylye Road Community Centre, Tidworth, Hants SP9 7QQ
it has a website http://tidworthtowncouncil.gov.uk/community-centre-hire/ if you're interested.
The nearest railway  station is still Andover. Talk to me about lifts to and from...or anything, really!
Slightly varied format:
We will of course, provide tea and coffee and more cake than you can eat. It's the law. And Jan is now able and willing to cook lunch for us - hurrah! 
 But we (by which I mean Lunch Lady Jan,) won't be cooking your lunch. There are various and many options; you could bring your own. You could go without. You could stroll over to the 'strip' in Tidworth and buy your lunch from one of very many take-away establishments - Chinese, Indian, Fish and Chips, Kebabs, Pizza, Subway to name those that come to mind. Or you could wait for Julia to offer to go on your behalf with an order book. You get the picture. It's not exactly a grand gesture by me is it - if Jan's about to move house, she won't want to do the pre-cooking work that she usually does for us. So instead of taking up the challenge, I voted to make the location closer to essential services. Food. .
Sort of number dependant, but will be no more than £10 for the day; as always, we'll collect payment from you on the day - no deposits or commitments in advance please, we are women and we have to remain flexibubble.

So if you'd like to spend a day eating cake and chatting with fellow crafters, bloggers and nutters, please come and join us. Jan and I love these days. They aren't particularly extra ordinary in terms of activity or location...they are extraordinary because we're friends before you even come through the door. Let me know if you wanna be there then - save Jan and I sitting on our own amongst a load of cake!


Christine said...

Count me and PJ in, we will make it cos I said so!!!

My name is Cindy said...

Sad face. Won't be able to come that day, teaching a craft class. Of course, if nobody books I will come, but won't know till 48 hours before. Boo hoo. May have to arrange to 'drop by' for lunch or tea one day.

glitterandglue said...

Ok Julia. I've bitten the bullet and booked myself a B&B. Count me in...

pearshapedcrafting said...

We will definitely be coming - although Tony will probably wander off somewhere!! Chrisx

Kyla said...

Count me in. Where can I drop hubby off en route for him to spend a day, any ideas?

Shaz Brooks said...

We are now most definitely in! Yay! Shaz xx

Cardarian said...

Oh I just can't wait! I am not really bothered about the crafting I just want to CHAT!!!! Love all you ladies - especially Julia and Jan! Thank you Jan for cooking but if it would give you less work I wouldn't mind just having a sandwich from the shop! We will stay in a hotel - all is booked so will see you on the 26th! YIPEEEEEE!!!!
Lots of hugs

Shaz Brooks said...

We are definitely in now! See you Saturday. xxx

Kathyk said...

Planning to attend at this moment, weather permitting .... we've had torrential rain and floods in this part of the World but hope all will be well by the weekend


Kathyk said...

And it was fabulous, thank you so much for organising this, Julia, thanks for inviting me and big THANKS to LLJ for a splendid lunch. Really enjoyed my day