Wednesday, 13 November 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 545

This photo was taken last evening. My daylight hours are numbered, as you can see. And look closely, the guilty party is peeking around the wall....attention or guilt?
It al looks a bit covered up - but not intentionally. I had moved the A3 desk pad to the right hand pile earlier because I had to use the Big Shot and my ‘cutting station’ is quite narrow, and because I needed 24 cuts, I moved to my desk for space and erm, light. I’m in the process of kitting cards for our annual Christmas Card Marathon which is this weekend. You can just see the next card to be kitted - the one with the Penny Black Poinsettia at right. I see two pairs of glasses and two pairs of scissors...balance is good, huh! Newly added to the desk..the purple and blue boxes at the end. Long forgotten photograph boxes unearthed whilst moving stuff around for building. My word, I think they represent another 30 years of scrapbooking! So there you have it, not actually producing crafty stuff, but ever so productive this week. 
Please will you hold Shaz Silverwolf in your thoughts - she’s in hospital learning to breathe again. The filthy chemo has temporarily  got the better of her. She feels improved since being admitted and her wonderful Doug has enabled her to do a post. Seems like they are inter-enabling! I just hope that there’s a reasonable coffee supply near the ward. Makes me wanna put the kettle on. Take your time Shaz dear friend, and be well.
So link your WOYWW post here please, all as per. May your day be full of daylight.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

What’s On your Workdesk? Wednesday 544

Ah now, hmmm. If you thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth,  I sort of had. So sorry if my name didn’t appear in your comments this week...I went off to a scrapbook retreat on Thursday morning and that was it. No routine, totally threw me out! You can tell I’ve been away, I had to tidy up!
Taken in the dark. See those vertical timbers? framing for the stud wall. It will be dark in here all the time soon. Temporarily, but definitely till next year. Anyway, in a small distraction from doing bookwork,I had a coffee and used my snowflake mould and foamy clay stuff to make twenty five teeny snowflakes. They are to go in the kits for the card making Marathon which is now at the end of next week. Really, it went from being two months away to the end of next week in minutes, frankly. I don’t get it. Anyway, they’re drying now and makes me feel as if I did a good bit of multi tasking yesterday! That ink pad there, all on its own, is waiting for me to try. It’s a hybrid. Apparently I can stamp with it and it’ll fade away so you can’t see the stamped outline after I’ve coloured. I’m cynical for two reasons -will it work and what images will benefit from not having key lines? I’m going to have to seek enlightenment before I go any further I think. So that’s me.....if there’s anything else vaguely interesting that I haven’t talked about, ask me. I’d be delighted! 
Please join in, post a pic of your desk, work space on your blog and link your blog here. I need to see.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 543

How much faster can it go?!  

My lovely Jan came to visit with her gorgeous G. They were valiant in living with the upheaval. It was great to have them here, lots of light relief! I’ve had to have a tidy round and clear my desk for some re-jigging of card ideas. You can see one at left...still not right, but I have an idea. At last. There’s the usual detritus but not so much of it. The bright pink tissue paper indicates the presence of gifts and the nuvo drops are in the the basket to make moving them a little easier...I’m off on scrapbooking retreat this weekend. Also in this horrid temporary light, note the floor in the extension has been tiled. So now, that hole behind my desk which was a door will magically become a stud wall.  And finally..I have no idea why the packing tape is on the desk. How odd. Amazing what you notice in a photo!  Please chime in and show and tell, as usual, put WOYWW in your post title, it makes finding it so much easier. Link here. I thank you. 

Monday, 28 October 2019

So now can we talk?

It’s very nearly November, so sod it, I wanna talk CHRISTMAS. Specifically, cards. If you aren’t a card maker, keep reading anyway. It may help you remember why you HAVE TO appreciate and love the hand made cards you receive. Sorry to dictate your required reaction, but well, you know. Hand made.  For me, this particular year, I had to start early because Shopkeeper Gal was getting demand for Christmas card workshops earlier than anticipated. And oh boy, even with all the lovely new stamps and dies that have been released since August, it’s been like pulling teeth to get an idea onto a card!
I bought a couple of the most lovely 3d embossing folders. I went to a lot of trouble (A LOT) to fashion suitable thicknesses of shim to use them in my Big Shot. And then I couldn't think of a thing to do with them. I had - well, have - a problem with the size of the embossed images in relation to ALL of the stamps I thought would go with them. Oh boy. Bad lighting and navy card stock means you can barely tell that there is an embossed forest below and surrounding that big old silver moon. You’d think that new stuff would inspire me, it always has before. I think I’ve got early Christmas card fatigue. Seriously, in the best tradition of it being all about me, I’m worried about me! 
Shopkeeper Gal has a traditional card making Marathon day. She, me and Ink Blender Gal present 8 original cards each to as many people as want to book themselves in and they make the cards from provided kits. I can honestly say that I have never, in about 10 years of doing this, had so much trouble making 8 cards I think are suitable. I’m in a state of worry that the techniques I’m using aren't really interesting, the images I’m using are too ‘samey’ and my colours are questionable. I can’t say I’ve ever deliberately used black ink for Christmas images on a card. Not for any reason in particular, I think I just used (or overused) other colours, including the traditional. Now I see the most beautiful cards with black stamped text or images and wonder if it’s a trend that I’m missing, or if I’ve just completely ignored the obvious! See why I think I’m fatigued!  Last weekend, I allocated a whole day to making Christmas cards. For the Marathon, for friends, for our business clients, for family. I made 3 in the whole day. And I’ve since sought judgement about them from others and re-made two of them! I’ve lost it.

See what i mean about the size of the folder in relation to the stamps, or is it me?
Like magic though, I think I have the solution already. It’s straightforward innit. Do them. Do them my way and move on to whatever it is I intend to do after Christmas cards. And stop whining. Seriously. Sod it. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 542

No sign of panic here! Shopkeeper Gal told me last Thursday that it was just a month till the Card Marathon. It made me feel a bit queasy and gave me an urgent need to get to my desk. So at the weekend, I spent way too much time making this mess and have only three cards that I think are worth submitting for others to copy. Why, another week of uninterrupted desk time and I might be ready! I think the only thing that might need explaining is the empty cotton bud pot next to my ATG gun.  It’s there because Zsuzsa had a fab project on Marit’s Dutch Summer series and I intend to copy it. It will make an excellent and useful pot to put things in, as Winnie the Pooh would say. I intend it to hold my lovely foam moulded pieces. I love a plan. 
So lovely desker, when your eyes are less sore from the shock of my desk, please show me yours. It’s all about reciprocity. Put WOYWW in your post title and link here, the one part of my week that stays routine and makes me thankful.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 541

Well hello whizz day! This week has been even shorter for me, we ran away for the weekend and left the plumber and his mate to take up floors, drain down the system and connect new heating areas into existing systems. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be out of the house! It means however, that I’m behind with stuff. Nothing major, but my desk shows a hybrid of work and play. Ignore the ledger, that’s boring. The shapes on the iPad stand are Quietfire Design pouch gift bags that I cut out on Monday morning and haven’t got any further with - the trial is on the drawers, really sweet, isn’t it. The plastic files that are still in their packet are flap-closure plastic sleeves which I thought would be very useful for my latest problem. I’m doing a lot more scrapbooking these days and I find having the 6x6 or 8x10 paper pad version of a collection I really like is a very useful tool for layering, and doing that mis-matched-matchy thing. But I like to keep scraps together rather than in my ‘general’ patterned scraps folder, so I will be trying to do just that with these files. Ask me again in a few weeks. So come on then, show me how much more successful your work areas are looking, I honestly could do with a push back into getting it all done! Please put WOYWW in your blog post title and link it here. Marvellous. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 540

I hope you’re all easing into early Autumn. I cant say I’m easing in, but hey, if it stays this busy, autumn and winter will be over in a jif and I will be back in my favourite season before I get the house clean! You can see more clearly that the missing door leads into another room now. The rubbish in there is totally down to the plumber and Mr Dunnit. The furniture comes out tomorrow - underfloor hefting to be put down over the weekend. Meanwhile..the mess on my desk is quite extraordinary. The lovely printed Arteza box contains self adhesive vinyl - me and my Scan N Cut are going to make some pressies. The alphabet at far left is remnant of a scrapbooking session over the weekend. The plaid paper on the iPad stand is still there. 15 sheets of it for a card marathon card. The brown paper bag contains gifts that you can’t see, but that I have to do something to, so onto my desk they go. Just below that and left of the mug of early coffee is a very old wedding photo. It’s practically black and white even though its been in an old fashioned album these last 34 years! We look like ghosts! Then there’s the usual detritus. Stencil paste...yep. I do do mixed media, just not a lot! So while I wade in and tidy up, please show me what you’re space reveals about you. As usual, put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here!  Oh and please Polly, put the kettle on, it’ll stop we whining about tidy up time!

Monday, 7 October 2019

Impressing myself.

Remember ages ago on a WOYWW post there was a packet of moulding foam and a mould? Remember I said I’d report back as soon as I’d done something with it? Well. I totally forgot. Was too busy impressing myself with the new embellishments I was making and choosing new moulds. Honestly, this is the easiest and possibly the most effortless way to make an embellishment that I’ve come across. And so quick. So you can see why I’m sold! 
First of all, I bought this from Shopkeeper Gal. It’s white. I figured that I’d make a couple of frames and lose interest, but I was quite keen to make frames - I’d been at a workshop with the Scan N Cut genius who turns out to be a mixed media genius too, and she had these frames.....and I wanted some. Anyway, here we are. I couldn’t find a frame mould so I bought the twirly leaf thing instead, I do like scrolls and such. It takes a tiny amount to fill one of these silicone moulds and I quickly realised that I NEEDED more moulds and fast. 

I filled ‘em and left them overnight because I was busy. I cant say they actually dried out because they remain pliable and reasonably foamy. And boy, don’t they hold the detail well! They also colour well. Which is great for spur of the moment requirements. I used a teeny bit of sponge and Distress Oxides to colour the stars on this LO.
Incidentally this LO is a result of a difficult Challenge for October Festival on Facebook at Scraptastic Inspirations by Jux Creates
- you should join in. It would help me. 
Last time I was there, I bought a packet of coloured foam - blue, I think. And Shopkeeper Gal told me that I could blend it with the white to make different shades. Well! That’s amazing value. I would of course be delighted to show you the size of the smaller, blue bar, and the result of some blending. But I can’t; I can’t find it. It’s a victim of all that is going on around here. To distract you from disappointment, here’s a couple of tips. Fill the aperture, but don't leave any foam spread across the mould - when you turn them out, they’ll need to be trimmed and that’s just plain fiddly. (Look at the snowflakes in the middle picture.) It cuts beautifully, but its easier to avoid having to really! Second tip: make loads. If you have different moulds to mine, we could trade!

Friday, 4 October 2019

Save the Date!

Can you believe this:
Wipso and Twiglet have offered to host the WOYWW Crop next year! 
6th June 2020. I think it must be like having a forget about the hassle and pain in the fun of the moment and then look back on it with warmth and affection, so doing it again seems like a good idea! How marvellous. 6th June 2020.
Seriously, huge thanks to the Sisters of Stitch and really, try to come and see some of your fellow word it’s a lot of fun. And food, actually. A lot of both! 6th June 2020.
No commitment required for ages yet...but do make up your mind to join us for some fun. I cant guarantee you’ll do any crafting to speak of though! 6th June 2020. If I say it enough, you will automatically write it in your new diary at Christmas. 6th June 2020.

There was a um, crowd of press photographers at WOYWW Crop 10. Actually,  it’s some of our lovely partners taking our group picture once or twice.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 539

Welcome to October, gentle Desker. And that is all I have to say about the passage of time. Now, through a haze of dust, electrician work, dust, brick cutting, dust, plumber work, dust, moving furniture, dust and planning, I bring you an alternative view of the chaos. Please don’t say too much about what a good idea using a dust sheet here and there could have been. I wasn’t there. The noise drove me out, and look - *pouf* no door to the outside, so a new angle! 
I didn't say it was a better angle! So thats what we call the workroom, hence the Workdesk!  The door at the back is nothing more interesting than access to the garage and this missing door will be panelled to form part of the wall in the new room. The workroom will have a window or door in the wall at left. AT SOME STAGE. Meanwhile, the days of natural light on my desk are looking a bit numbered! 
Show and tell, do. We wanna see what you’re doing and read about it too! Thank you very much.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 538

Seriously, this marking of a mid week seems to hasten the weekends which hastens the midweek - who can I blame?
Here it is taken in the gloom - it is untouched since Monday evening. And the reason for that is  - well obviously I didn’t clear up, but yesterday was spent with our Margaret! Her travels brought her to Gloucestershire so we each travelled and a little and met in north Wiltshire. At a Garden Centre which was a shopping experience of gifts and clothes. We didnt actually step out to look at the plants - oh my, the rain! We talked and talked and talked. Her ‘sabbatical’ draws to a close at the end of this week and so we shall see her when she’s caught her breath. I am really looking forward to the diary and photos.
I was wrangling with a Christmas card at the table, and top right, using my lovely WOYWW gift from Annie to make notes because this is Card Marathon season and I need to know which ingredients I’ve used for each card so as to avoid the need to buy doubles!  Anyhoo dear Desker, share your current space please, it’s time for a large coffee and a browse. Please put WOYWW in your post title and link here as always. I seriously thank you.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Review. Unsolicited, no gain here.

If your memory is like mine, you won’t remember that some time ago I purchased an App to enable me to blog using my iPad, and I said I’d talk about it after testing. It’s taken external prompt on Facebook to remind me  - I went into the cobwebs to discover that it was January. I think eight and a half months is a good trial period. 

I was always frustrated that through the browser, blogging on a tablet was impossible. Even editing an existing post was difficult. More than once I’d swear that Google and Apple were going to cause me to do something really rather rash in a fit of temper.
I’ve tried a couple of Apps - the Blogger one, which I didn’t get on with, and another free commercial one which was pretty good...but relied on symbols instead of words to navigate and as I only needed it when we were away with no PC access, I could never remember which meant what!

Enter the App that I’m using right now. Blog Touch. I’m using the one for Blogger, for that’s my blogging platform.There’s a BlogTouch for Wordpress users too. 

It’s available from the App Store and cost me 6.99. Best nearly 7 of Her Majesty’s pounds that I’ve spent on my gadgetry for a long time.  The set-up process, which created the link to my blog, must have been easy and relatively painless because I can’t remember it. I was born under the sign of Cancer which means I can hold a lifelong grudge, and these traumas over technical stuff come under that category, believe me.
 If you (try to) blog on iPhone or iPad, this is an enabler. The symbols cross from iStuff to Blogger stuff and words are used where necessary. If you can operate your blogger dashboard and write messages on your iStuff, you will be familiar with it without much effort, it just takes a tour and a dry run or two. 
Adding pictures, links, setting a scheduled post...all easy and obvious....and the designer has used Blogger colours for text so you’ll immediately feel familiar! I really do recommend BlogTouch and I congratulate Denk Alexandru for coming up with what Google or Apple seem incapable of.

If you don’t use iStuff, I suspect this review is useless to you. But if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll be used to that.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 537

Look familiar? I sat down to make a card and the whole afternoon went by. I got the card done though.

The paper pad at right is there because I finished a scrapbook LO and neglected to put that part of the stash away...I must have been keen to just clear the desk and start on the card! On top of that is the empty hot chocolate powder drum that I use as a bin. I haven’t covered it yet. It’s doing the job, see, so there’s no rush! In front of the acrylic drawers are some more silicone moulds filled with the foamy ‘clay’ stuff. I spent a very pleasant five minutes kneading and squishing. There will be swirls, feathers, stars and flowers. I hope, anyway. The trial I did a couple of weeks ago worked perfectly well...but I can’t find them. I probably threw them away on a wild tidying up spree. The mini guillotine at the front of the pic isnt as precariously balanced as it looks, its actually sitting flat on top of my ‘everyday’ dies storage file. It will be magically tidied at lunchtime today, I have workshop kits to prepare and I need to stick to my plan of trying to make at least one decent card a day! 
I’m incredibly sorry if my name didnt appear in your comments last week...the days just got away from me. Whilst we come to terms with the speed of time, please post your WOYWW and link here; thank you very much.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 536

Well, how do you like these onions? It’s not quite going to er, plan. I’m just transferring some Christmas stamps into a basket that takes up less than a quarter of the floor space in my room. It may help my Christmas mojo mood. Also, I need to get them ready for re-homing. And loads of other stuff...the floor in this room has to be partially pulled up by the electrician in a couple of weeks and I want to be in charge of my stuff rather than leave it to Mr Dunnit and the Sparky to do it. Perish the thought that Mr Dunnit realises quite how much is crammed into this room! So it’s sort of official, with 15 weeks to go, I am definitely making workshop cards on a Christmas theme. Or I will be just as soon as I free up the space to actually use my desk. Watch this space? I’d rather watch yours! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here please. Thank you, and enjoy, it’s a visual feast!

Friday, 6 September 2019


It Was Something Carol Said -  probably without knowing the impact her words would have on me. Describing a small pile of stuff to be put away as a pile of ‘goodness knows what’. Well if that isn’t an acronym waiting to happen! It nearly made me spit coffee at the screen, it so totally sums up how things accrue on my desk.
The good thing is that as soon as its tackled and dealt with, it becomes individual things and I know why I got it out in the first place.  I’ll probably never be able to explain why I didnt put it away when I decided not to cut it up, stick it down or turn it into ‘art’, that’s for the psychologists amongst you to explain. It’s not just idleness though. I think it’s about being in the erm, throws of inspiration and the need to create rather than tidy. Isn’t it? You get that, I know you do.

You could just stick it all down in a random fashion....
That tidying up thing; where there’s a pile of GKW that breaks down into fifteen pieces of YNKW (You Now Know What) and that requires fifteen different boxes, cupboards, pots, drawers, boxes to be opened. Sometimes, it’s just easier not to. After all, as soon as you YNKW, you can perform an assessment about the likelihood of needing it tomorrow - and there’s always that likelihood, n’est pas?
This logic is brought to you as a public service. The acronyms....well, another of the hazards of reading this blog. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 535

According to my diary, this is the first Whizday of September. I dont know if I have a legal case or not, but I would like to argue that it’s occurred too soon. TOO SOON! That’s my mood today, sort of capital letters day!  Luckily, you wont have to suffer it because this is a scheduled post. Im off for another day with Miss Dunnit and her Current Squeeze. It will involve Ikea, so think of me as you settle in with a cuppa and your feet up. Particularly as I’ve decided to swing the camera round and show you what a bit of tidying and trying to sort out has done to me. 

I’ve tidied my desk in an effort to shake off the ridiculous number of erm, ‘drafts’ that I ended up making before the card with the houses on came together. I want to use house stamps, really like them. Turns out I can’t do a thing with a solid house stamp! And I’m trying to organise the scrapbooking cupboard ahead of a crop at the weekend..which is why the plastic boxes are teetering...they contain embellishments, ephemera and erm...GKW.  And then spin again and a box of card stock is supporting the box of Christmas stamps. I cant even recall the contents of the baskets; good grief. No wonder I’m running away to Southampton for the day!
Make my day by sharing and telling just as I have done won’t you please, put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here. Job’s a good ‘un.

Monday, 2 September 2019


This. This. THIS is what happens when I tidy up.
All I wanted to do is create some space for the next splurge of inspiration. (!).
Cue a lot of sighing and eye rolling and some wishing that there was someone else to blame, stamp my feet at and generally be childish. These silly candy things have lain unused in a draw for I don’t know how long, but long enough for me to have forgotten that the bag was open. Even more annoying, I wasn't looking for those, I just picked them up to move them! Fret not though, gentle reader, I really have sifted them from the rest of the dustpan contents and put them in a ziplock and they now nestle nicely in a box marked ‘donate’. And clearly I was in a bad mood, because I then made this Layout, and it appears that I shouted on it.
But you really can see why, huh. I would have shouted at the time, but I didn’t have the breath. 
It’s OK though, that was then and everything’s fine now. Really. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 534

This is scheduled for your viewing horror. Luckily, when I get home, I really do PLAN to tidy up. Unless somebody can come up with an alternative that isn’t housework, that is. Last week was a write off for me, I hope you’ll forgive. I’m battling an ongoing trapped nerve in my shoulder and some days are written off simply by doing the normal chores of day to day house-ness. I’ve got medical assistance now,(Mr Dunnit got tired of the yelps and bad tempered lack of sleep). So this weekend, I took part in an online crop and made a huge mess . It was great. Price to be much clearing up to do before month end! But, here’s something - some of you were involved without knowing it! 
 Ignore the wonky placement of the background words, I genuinely cannot do straight or even anymore. But I don’t much care. Scrapping Crop 10 made me smile. So I did another, unfinished for now....I have to put the story on it....there’s so much to say that it may well go on a separate sheet of paper clipped to the back of the LO, not sure yet.

The colours are stuffed up by a rubbish photographer, but you get the gist. Now sweet Desker, gimme the gist of your work space this week then, please. And by gist, I mean the hi-low, history and current, the what’s On, what’s In with you. Now that’s clear, see ya later.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 533

Welcome to Whizzday. Actually, every day of the week could be called that, coudn’t it! I’m reporting in from messy desk land. It was a very productive messy desk over the weekend, although I did nothing with the embossing folder and inks problem mentioned in my last post. Instead, I just made some cards. It was fun! I tidied up a little bit and found the foamy modelling clay in the moulds that I was trying out weeks ago. My memory..sheesh.Don't rely on me for R&D!! Anyway, thats my next job...
I had a lovely day yesterday involving three stationery shops and I bought something in each. You can just see the spoils on the right edge there. I like to buy a handful of funny, loving, motivating postcards and send one to her now and then. Just to keep her Mummy in the forefront of her mind! The pencil case at far left is full of sparkly gel pens. Remember them? Now I have to do some tidying. Workshop preps and a need to stay productive are on my to-do list. Yeah that one - the one that’s longer than my leg! Show and tell then please, we wanna see what you’ve been up to. 

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Watercolour is messy.

The fabulous blue that a lot of you saw on Wednesday’s post came from two pots of Spectrum Noir Sparkle inks. Incidentally, if you saw the post about a messy workshop where I managed to get ink on my face, these are the culprits. Trouble is they are too nice to resist and so I plough on, making a right old mess.

The graduated light to dark with a watercolour feel was not quite what I achieved and so this is an/the experimental piece. On that basis I’ve foiled the windows in the embosssed houses and scuffed some pearly white stuff over the sleigh in the sky. Too hit and miss; it looks a mess. And not enough embossed definition if you ask me. 
I actually found it hard to crank through my Big Shot in the plate sandwich which was going to achieve any embossing, so am now in considering mode. Of course, I’ll get better definition if I don’t use a watercolour card stock. But I still need to use something reasonably thick to withstand water and ink....the edges of that cut out portion particularly. Buckled supports are rubbish supports, lets face it! For now, I’ll soldier on with this; I know others will wonder what the problem is as a first draft, but I’m not a great reasearch and development type crafter - I really like to sit down and MAKE something, even if it’s only one card after a couple of hours of cutting papers and choosing stamps!
If this works out at some point, I’ll show you, of course. Look for a blog post entitled ‘triumph’ or ‘smug’!

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 532

Although this photo is newly taken, the desk state is almost gathering dust. I had just settled in for a ‘session’ on Saturday after lunch when my amazing skill set was required elsewhere and I didnt get back to my desk. And still haven’t. 
I was trying to figure out what to do with a cut and emboss folder after it was cut and embossed. Clever idea, but making me struggle; I wonder if it’s the subject (er, Seasonal) or just that it’s too much of a finished thing. Making nice with some of those lovely inky inks though, I might even use the waste paper for a change! I had a birthday present to buy from Amazon and suddenly found myself looking at stuff for me too...shocking selfish. Those aqua brushes were a bit of a bargain and have wonderful broad to teeny brushes. It doesn’t mean I’ll be able to use them effectively, but it may help. At any point. I must have had those inks on my mind - which, I should say, make wonderful dense watercolours. I don’t know when I’ll get back to this particular desk, but the longer I am away from it, the more I yearn to be there, and that’s good, because usually when I have to do this slightly experimental stuff, I get bored...very easily.
Come join then, you less bored by your own work Deskers, show me what you’re up to. Link your WOYWW titled post here please! Lovely.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Call me prolific.

It used to be that I would go to a crop and make a few Layouts. Then me and the Coven hit on the idea of a weekend away to scrapbook and so our ‘retreats’ added to my LO Numbers. The thing is, I never scrapped at home. Weird huh. I think I associated the whole scrapbook thing with chat, company, food and escape. Sometimes, I didn’t even unpack between monthly crops! 

Well, under pressure from my special friend Lolly, I joined a Facebook group called Scrapbook Inspirations. It involves challenges, competitions, team games and other online stuff to get you scrapbooking. I hovered for a while and then thought I might as well unpack and try a couple of sketch challenges. After all, no point in joining and then not joining in!
My word, my output has increased. At Christmas I was given a beautiful box to hold photos waiting to be scrapped. Do you know gentle reader, I’ve had to top it up!  Now the thing is...can I be bothered to pack everything up and go to Crop? I know a few who don’t go for precisely this reason. If you want a cut file or to compare ribbon colours, you’ve either got to be prepared to the point of making up a page kit or leave the idea till you get home. I’m not that prepared - surprise!
Well here’s the thing, I will always be packing up and going to Crop. I love being in company that gets the whole cutting and sticking thing. I love being in a room full of people that will collectively ‘ooh’ at a bunch of new embellishments in a pop-up shop. I love the chat with my girlfriends, making new friends, having lunch out, and I love the inspiration and ideas that swirl through the room.
So on a Wednesday when you see the same old same old on my desk and wonder if I do anything but make excuses for not tidying up, at least the mess is legitimate! I admit though, that after a session making one scrapbook page, I have to clear up before I can start again, there is simply too much ‘stuff’ balancing and teetering on any surface! 
My creative process involves getting everything out of everywhere. And likely not using it after a lot of consideration. I may need more photographs in my ‘to do’ box (and I have them, believe me), but I am still a fairly slow page maker! I haven’t set an annual, monthly or weekly target, but I find myself averaging two LOs a week which is prolific for me! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 531

This is a genuine left over from Tuesday afternoon. I’ve been a bit poorly and thought I could easily spend time at my desk, but after about an hour I realised I wasn’t in the mood. It’s funny isn’t it, when you’re off colour and therefore have access to the time to fiddle around just for the sake of it, even that isn’t what you want to do. Such a waste of time, isn’t it! 
As you can see, I’m working on Flamingos. It’s a set of stamps that has three steps to each image. Ideally I should have bought the pale, medium and darker ink pads to do the ‘mingos with, but I thought I could probably rustle something up. I have, and I rather like them in anything but pink! Don’t know where I’m going with them, but that never stopped me. And of course, I have no intention of tidying up. After all, if I’m not in the mood to make a card, I’m certainly not in the mood for tidying! Still got a floating acrylic block, but you can see more clearly now that it’s just part of a pile waiting to be put away. Surprise! 
Join in do, show and tell that work area..take your lead from me, it really isn’t too messy to show us!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 530

I’m out early this morning, delivering bespoke timber products. Doors, today that means doors and frames. Glamour central. So, to assuage the disappointment of having to schedule a post, I’m offering a twofer. Mainly because I surprised myself so much I wanted to create photographic evidence.....

I tidied and put away all the scrapbooking stuff. Then I emptied my Saturday shopping bag onto the desk. I had already forgotten about the mould and modelling clay, so immediately set to. Didn’t read any instructions, just opened the wrapper and got stuck in. It’s white air drying clay, but it’s not really clay. It’s more a foam. Incredibly light and amazingly mouldable, flexible etc. I was surprised, and will show and tell the results, I’m going to presume that I need to give it 24 hours before I attempt anything too arty with it!
You can see that Shopkeeper Gal, and some of you actually have me in a panic over Christmas stuff. She even wanted to get me to commit to a Christmas Card Marathon. I let her flatter me into saying yes and then felt slightly appalled when she forced me to help set the date! It’s going too fast! So then, my thoughts on Christmas, I did some Christmas style shopping. You can just make out a couple of C6 ish size dies and a 12” pad of Poinsettia papers. I’m not a huge Poinsettia fan to be honest, but the sheets are double sided and the reverse patterns are great for card making. 

It’s not glittery or even easy to see on the pad of paper that became my work surface...but I made a Christmas card just by messing about! Before the end of July. I’m on a roll. And apparent magic...look how that acrylic block is ‘floating’ by the acrylic drawers! So share and tell then, let’s have your stories of tidy and productive desks to make me feel right at home with my single card achievement! Please put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Thanks!

Thursday, 25 July 2019

To whom it may concern

It has come to my attention that your colleagues need to be granted extra-ordinary paid leave forthwith.
The less-than-usual climate makes working for a living distinctly difficult; night time temperatures mean that sitting in the garden in the beautiful warm, velvety evenings cause late bed times. Need I remind you about the difficulty of sleeping.  I’ve no doubt that when unable to sleep, you too lie in a muck sweat, considering the chores that weren’t done that evening which must now be attempted before leaving for work in the morning. It’s not at all conducive to mind nurturing, replenishing sleep patterns - and a summer cycle of sleep loss begins. 

The commute has become increasingly difficult. The sun is causing roads to blister, overhead train lines to buckle and a fear and horror of strap hanging on public transport. Stepping out of the front door into the day’s sunlight is fraught with difficulties, there’s so much more to remember for our beleaguered commuter: should I have used sunscreen? If I use sunscreen, will I just look shiny and sticky all day? Has my lipstick got any SPF in it at all? Does my mascara contain anti-melt magic? Where are my sunglasses? Can I remember not to push them onto my head? Especially when I need to use my readers... Is my hair already flat? Is a floppy hat too much? Perhaps I shouldn’t be wearing a sleeveless upper arms could knock chips off a plate if I reach out. These are genuine extra stresses for your colleagues.

Office temperatures are a problem. Air conditioning is actually a negative; there’s always a colleague who wants it set at ‘Arctic’ and another who prefers an open window. Even when it’s blowing hot air and Saharan sand onto her desk whilst spoiling every ‘to do’ pile across every other desk. The understanding, tolerance (note my use of a trending management word) and indeed, smiling celebration of and between the different office personalities will be at risk. 

A slightly warm packed lunch because of the overloaded, dodgy fridge won’t help either. Nor does a desperate trip to Marks for a decent sandwich in a time limited period. All the stress of a commute and leaving the building as detailed above, but compressed into a ridiculously short time line. Unless you’re buying as a prelude to granting time off, don’t bother suggesting a pub by the river either. It will be packed full of people who don’t have to go back to work, the staff will have suffered from the heat too and be rushing around trying to satiate their bosses desire to ‘rake it in’. And those that manage a rare pub lunch break will be too hot, possibly sun burned and totally unable to stay awake after 3pm.

A good summer does not provide you with a motivated and productive workforce. Cut your losses, and see the big picture. You won’t have to work either. It’ll be fine and you’ll be so popular that production, sales and graphs will immediately spike at the onset of autumn. 

I mean it most Sincerely.


Wednesday, 24 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 529

Proof if it were needed, that I can work in as much as a 12” on any given day. The discarded glasses suggest that I was just there doing something, huh! well I sort of was. But it was yesterday. I managed, using the five minutes here and there technique, to create the 12” space. As I sat down after a whole morning out, I had a call from Shaz Silverwolf which caused me to drop everything and drive to an air conditioned Costa for iced coffee and a lot of chat. It was quite marvellous. They were here for the funeral service and genuine celebration of our friend Erika’s life.  The desk has to be cleared of scrapbook gubbins (as Sue would say!) because I might have a couple of new stamps to play with for card making purposes. They are seasonal stamps and I’m not talking about summer. Argh. Cue a couple of sticky sweaty glitter moments. Or at least I hope I get as far as glitter as it’s usually the last thing I add to a card!  Whatever you’re doing, show and tell please. If you’re in Britain, let me just remind you to seek shade and drink plenty. See me for a note to get off work if you’d like! I’ll include a photo of me in my desk crown and they’ll immediately concede. Probably.
So, meet here then please, put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here. Thank you!

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 528

I believe really that this time it is week 528. I actually believed it was 527 last week, but had a fat fingered keyboard moment and you were so nice about it that I didn’t even think to make a correction! So, a bit more of the same from me today, a slightly tidy desk, just to facilitate what I was actually doing.If you’re a Brit, and self employed or super rich, you may recognise the printed version of a tax return on my desk. Obviously, that means that I am either self employed or super rich, and I’m pretty sure you know which best describes me! It’s actually phase two of my returns period. Phase one involves a year end and return for the business. I know, it’s riveting. Apart from the admin stuff though, the desk will be party to workshop preparation today, and some scrapbooking preparations too. You’re probably shocked by the use of the word preparation, I don’t do it for scrapbooking usually! I’m taking part in a challenge and I have to make my own version of someone else’s LO. Simple enough, except the only way I can do that this week is to make, MAKE, my own frames and embellishments. Blimey. You won’t hear the end of this for a while, be warned! So whilst my desk isn’t showing ‘it’, I hope yours is. Let’s see.
Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here for our viewing ease please. Pleasure. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 528

As I took this photo, I was trying to think, or make an excuse for,  why the desk looks like this. And then I remembered- you don’t mind; you’re glad it’s not yours and that’s all there is to it! A little retrospective since last whizzday tells me that I’ve had quite a productive week and frankly, my desk looks more ordered than it prolly should do, given my track record for tidying up!
I swear to you that I’m using those Perspextives as often as I can. I can only use them on Scrapbook layouts though because 
I don’t want to give them away. That’s an embarrassing admission really, for a grown up, but I can’t be the only one, surely?! It’s taken me ages to work out what the gold/yellow thing at front right is...ended up going to have a proper look. It’s a Perspextive...2019. I instantly remember that I was trying to make it fit on a LO but it was a bit too big. Or shiny. Or unsubtle. All the reasons I bought it! My needle case is freshly placed on the laptop stand. On Tuesday afternoons I take my sweet Ma-In-Law to a Craft Bee and I work on my embroidery and enjoy a couple of hours of local natter. It was in the bag with the embroidery (I took it all on holiday) and I need it at my desk...I found myself stitching on a LO last month. Although really, never again. 
So show and tell please, make a nosey parker feel at home. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here for us all to have ease of access to your blog. Super of you, really.

Friday, 5 July 2019

...and then the doors fell off.

In between the real life stuff, I’ve been trying to do a scrapbook page for a challenge. It has a deadline and I’m in front of it, so I thought a five minute here and there method would work really well. By which I mean, five minutes to re-acquaint myself with the plan and twenty minutes of rifling through stash to choose something. Well, as lots of you know, I’m a sitter. I have a marvellous tractor seat stool which was temporarily unavailable to me. Yes, there was another bum in my workspace. Because it’s also the room where we keep the PC and the admin for the business, so I have to let him. Although he usually stands, because I use the chair designated for PC use (which is on wheels) as an extra work surface when I’m erm, in the zone.
Not the LO I was working on, but a LO done for a challenge, so it all amounts to the same thing, huh.
So he used the stool and I cleared the chair of alphabet stickers all neatly filed (really) in colour order. It wasn’t hard, I just put them back on the shelf in the cupboard where they are supposed to live. So then I’m in the choosing stage, and on wheels, so whizzing the 3 feet between desk and paper stash shelf. Now my shelves are hidden by sliding doors. They were meant to have holes drilled in them to avoid the need for handles, but I got impatient at the fitting stage and so I just manage without. Occasionally, I’m untidy in the putting away and things stick out from the shelf into the sliding door runway place area. I didn’t notice that. And I rather over zealously whooshed one. And the doors fell off - with a crash. 
Well, it only looks a mess. I know where everything is. And with the doors on, it’s tidy.
Luckily, he laughed. Explained the laws of runners, blocking the runners, sliding doors, crashing, blah blah blah. And I regretted wearing flip flops. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 527

I had the whole day  off yesterday, out of the house, participating in a lovely luncheon. Great word that, luncheon. Elevates a chicken salad, doesn’t it. Anyway, whilst away, the mouse went mad...
Does it make it any better if I say that I had a card making session over the weekend and decided it was too hot to clear up? No, I know. Oh well. My morning coffee at far right. Looks like a cup of mud in this light. The two cards at the right under my glasses are both made by Tracey  They are in a pile of cards received that I refer to for inspiration. Colouring, images, placement, glitter, mounts, sentiments...all sorts of reasons. It’s a big stack of inspiration too. Nice. I had done a card involving a house stamp but I can’t show you how completely and utterly unlike any detail on Tracey’s cards it is. Because it’s in amongst all this somewhere. I suspect under the scrap I’ve been working on. Which was a 12x12 that I spilt some ink on whilst in a panic to do a LO for a challenge. Deadline. Thank goodness it wasn’t a pile of them! You might notice that our dining furniture is outside. It isn’t really, it’s in the extension what Mr Dunnit is’s weatherproof and with all doors open, a joy to sit at in this lovely summer heat.
come on then, show me what you did to stay out of the heat. Bet it’s all been tidied up by now. Please do not have better excuses than me. Put WOYWW in your post title, and link here. Thank you!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday WOYWW 525

Such a good day, Wednesday, such a good day to have a BIRTHDAY! Happy big birthday Helen! Hope you have a lovely day, we all send birthday love. You’re FAB. Even with an age that ends with a zero - who cares! 
And if you’re reading this Margaret, I’m sure we all hope that your gadding about type sabbatical is going really well. Seriously, none of us are envious.

Now, avert your eyes...even for me this is a bit tiresome....
I can explain. When we got back from our holiday (lovely, thank you), I was officially a week behind with a weekly scrapbook challenge. I’m normally laid back about such things, but this one involves being in a team, and no-one wants to be the one to let it all go to pieces, huh! So in between some serious other stuff, I’ve had to come up with the late scrapbook LO and the current one. They were hard too. So naturally, my desk is a fit of creative detritus. Naturally.
See those little foam flowers at right? They were souvenirs from an ice cream (or two) last week. The box of bagged postcard looking things are actually Perspextives. Words and shapes cut from Perspex. I’m a monthly subscriber and I thought I was using them quite liberally. 
Be liberal with your sharing will you...don’t tidy up, just show us as it is! Put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here so that we can visit and be wowed. Happy whizz day.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Erika died in the early hours of yesterday, just weeks after a cancer diagnosis. The timeline barely credits the use of the plural. Many of you will know her as a pop-in-and-out WOYWW Desker, she shared her craft passions on her blog, sumbunnehcrafts. You might have connected with her through the Visible Image community, she surely was their number one fan and cheerleader. For no gain, she just fell for the marque and got to know Mark and Helen really well. 
I knew Erika a little. She was much younger than me, I remember her 40th birthday, so it can’t have been that long ago. We were near neighbours for some years and she was a customer in my shop way back then, and when she and her husband Ian moved away into their lovely new home, they commissioned Mr Dunnit to manufacture fitted cabinets for her new craft room. I can still see her smile as she showed me round the finished room and we chatted and giggled over the capacity of stash it would hold. If you met her, you’d never forget her. She was fabulously friendly and very quick to giggle. 

Erika liked to share her experiences and passions; her blog wasn’t her favourite way to communicate - I wonder if it wasn’t responsive enough. Her Facebook presence was marvellous. I learned about Visible Image from her. She helped to establish Chatty Crafters in her new neighbourhood so that she could meet and encourage others to do things that she loved. She loved being part of a twice weekly Zumba class and she adored music. For this gentle human being who I don’t believe was capable of of any sort of unkindness, the best music was heavy metal. I love that about her, such a dichotomy! 
Erika was not vain in any way, and happily posted selfies and pictures so that we could all share her fun. I remember a discussion on Facebook following some unkind comment regarding body shape. She believed, really believed, that who she was and how she conducted her life was more important than how she looked. And that belief shone from her and made her a great role model for women struggling with body image. I really hope she knew that. As with all these things, I really wish I had told her of my opinion.
Because we lived near each other, over the years I have bumped into quite a few people who know Erika. I can honestly say that it’s  a humbling experience to listen to how well liked, how kind, how thoughtful and how sweet Erika is. 

One of Erika’s mixed media pieces. She did love some splat and splash.
 I think that of all the people I’ve ever met, Erika lived up to the sentiment on this piece. I offer huge condolences to Ian and to her family. And to everyone that knew Erika - weren’t we lucky. 

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 524

The thing about having a proper space - desk in my case - on which to work is that anything vaguely related to my hobby is put on it. And if I’m not there to oversee it, it really gets a little out of hand. The neat-ish piles that I create and curate become a bit messed up, and my latest treasures are looked through and examined. It’s fascinating to me, because apparently, no one else in the house is interested in my hobby or the stuff that’s on my desk. Hmm, ok.
So we’re home from a lovely holiday, lots of sunshine. I’m afraid the light in my work room is not as I’d like in on a June morning. But at least I get desk time today. I bought some new pages for my ATC storage whilst in Spain, so over coffee later I’m going to go through the Anniversary ATCs again so that I can start to file them. A complicated process because I don’t like to put similar colours together, similar techniques, etc. Gives me a lot longer to admire and examine, see. 
So clearly, my plan for today is to tidy. What’s yours? Do tell and show. Write yourself a blog post featuring your desk or work area...put WOYWW in the post title. Publish your post and then come over here and link it. Great. Thanks.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 523

Well gentle Deskers, this is a scheduled post. I’m on me ‘olidays and am delighted to report that there is very little to report. We’re in Spain, on the Costa Del Sol and it’s living up to it’s name. Bliss. We did practical things yesterday, you know a bit of food shopping and erm, some scenic route driving. Good job it was daylight. Anyway, I digress. The point is, that we got back with the shopping and wanted something to eat in the sunshine. So we put the milk and butter in the fridge, the bread in the cupboard, the fruit in the bowl and......went to the pool bar for lunch. It was nearly 4 o’clock and no one batted an eyelid when we asked for a lunch menu. Some time later, the lovely waitress cleared our table, including the little potted plant that we had discussed and failed to name. 
She came back with a candle and explained that they were preparing for evening activities. Then there was a bowl of nuts and a bowl of crisps. And olives. And a sudden queue at the bar. Ohhhhh, hello happy hour!
I should qualify this photo by telling you that we are not on holiday as a couple, there are four of us. Does that make it any better? Makes me feel better to tell you, anyway! So, Sangria aside, I’m looking forward to you showing me what I could be doing. I have actually bought some stuff with me, but it’s still in the case. In the wardrobe. In the other room. I’m not going to do it, am l! 
Back to ‘normal’ next week, but in the meantime, link your desk photo here please. salut! For reasons of I don’t know, I can’t get this to schedule, so I’m publishing early...I’m not entirely sure, see, that I’ll be up and around at 6am on Wednesday!

Friday, 7 June 2019


It’s been raining in stair rods. I can’t quite get over the force of it....the garden might need it (badly) but it’s hammering the flowers!
I’ve collected my grown up baby gal from the station, so my home is as it should be.
I was up and about quite early, so an early elevenses , about tensy actually, involved finishing a LO. Get me.
I’ve had to tackle some accounts queries for work and decided that whatever else I do for book keeping, I will not be using Quickbooks ever again. This feels good.
I remembered to tell you that I’ve made a huge donation of £262 to Alzheimer’s Research. This is profit and donations from the WOYWW Crop. Isn’t that a fabulous amount of generosity. 
I’ve got to do some ironing. It will be no hardship a Miss Dunnit is already pottering around upstairs so will be able to keep me company.
I’ve had a haircut. That feels pretty good too. Am grateful to have thick hair, but if gets past five weeks.....urgh. 
I’ve finally put my crown on a shelf by my desk. I think Mr Dunnit was beginning to think I was going to keep it on the arm of my chair all the time. Well, my ego has deflated a little since last weekend, so this proximity to my most used space will do! 

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 522

The post WOYWW Crop edition. Oh my word, what a day. Lots of you will have seen it all on Facebook, and there are lots photos on lots of blogs, so I’m only going to bore you with a handful that I haven’t shown anywhere else yet. Let’s hear it for Jo and Annie, they worked so hard and made it a fabulous day. Mostly, we celebrated WOYWW the group, community, the support, the bonhomie. We celebrated with chat, hugs, cake, and photos.
Taking photos of the people taking photos....seriously helpful husbands

After a fabulous lunch, there was a quiz. It was a fun journey around some of our blogs. Of course, I didn’t recognise my own blog from the clue. While I had my back turned because I was chatting and being sociable, a table was covered in glasses of bubbly and after the sweetest words from Jo, there was a cake!

It all became a bit emotional then, and I bet somewhere there are pics of me crying out of one eye, I remember looking up from cutting the cake and feeling distinctly over-photographed! There was a full on, proper real cake topper too, and I photographed it at home after a good polishing...
Be warned gentle Deskers, you may never hear the end of it. Just like this weekly thing. I think we decided that it was fun enough to carry on here, in a post Crop haze is my desk. Can you see the haze of bonhomie hanging over it? It’s palpable, believe me.
I thought it was quite tidy, but it’s more just, well, full. Am doing that five minutes here and there thing and I’m not good at it. Or tidying, but you know that! Seriously long post, sorry to hold you up. Please link and show and tell and share. Put WOYWW in your blog post title so that we can find it easily, link here as usual. Thank you!