Tuesday, 21 October 2014

T for Tuesday

I was making coffee this morning when I remembered that I could share it with you over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's. And tell you the story of The Mug.

Don Quixote and his choice!
You may recognise the brand name of course, and if you've dropped by to read here before, you may recognise The Mug. But wait; you don't. This is a NEW one, and slightly different. See the original one is from a Starbucks in Paris and was a gift from a friend who knows how I like a souvenir and how I like coffee.  Perfect.
I have always loved the size shape and capacity of the Paris mug, and once said to Mr Dunnit that it would be worth having a couple more just for everyday use as it does seem tot be the one I look for when making a hot drink.  You know - you have a 'go-to' mug, right?  

So there we were -  7am in Malaga airport after a fairly smooth journey to drop off the hire car and a particularly terrifying journey from the hire car garage to the airport.  But we're all in one piece and being frightfully English about that.  Laughing and pretending to wipe our brows instead of actually telling the mini-bus driver what we think.
Cue a massive queue at the only open coffee shop on the concourse.  It's a Starbucks. As we wander past it, telling ourselves we'll wait till we're air-side to grab a coffee and something to eat, I notice that they have my Mug for sale.  Only this time of course, it's a Spain version. Well, I've learned over the years, that if you don't get it when you see it, you kick yourself. So Mr D found a bench and I joined the ridiculous queue.  
Neither I nor Joaquin, my server, could quite believe it when we both realised that I'd queued for 25 minutes to buy a mug that I didn't want to have filled with coffee. And nor could the lady behind me in the queue who had been rather impatient from the moment she joined the waiting mass.  (Honestly, how could I walk around the airport drinking from an open mug?).I paid too much for it, and came away feeling like a kid that got what she wanted. And I've enjoyed using it and the Paris mug in equal turn since we came home. And....there's even a great finish to this..the Starbucks on the other side of security didn't have any of these to sell. Justified!

I'm a pathological collector I've decided.  And there's always a story.  But it's OK, it's usually long enough to justify a coffee.


  1. How good that you got them...fab mugs are these- I also love to drink out of giant cups-- bought some simple one's at the drugstore recently...
    Happy T-DAY dear Julia!

  2. Makes your drink even more special knowing it's being drunk from a special mug with a story -love it thank you for sharing. I'm sat here with a lovely mug of tea from one of my favourite mugs :)

  3. Only you could queue for 25 minutes not to buy a cup of coffee .... So funny. It remind s me of my mug today in my go to cup ... I might just post it

  4. Hehe, excellent story! Wee Man & I enjoyed or look around the Duty Free shops at Bristol Airport. There was a Starbucks cafe but I didn't see any mugs for sale there. Happy T (or coffee) Day! :o))

  5. Think I will put the kettle on and get my favourite mug out.

    Hope you are having a good day. Sue

  6. Your mug looks to be the size of my Taylor and Ng mugs. They really are a perfect size, aren't they?

    Don't know about Spain, but in the US, you have to get rid of your drink before entering the secured area. You were wise to NOT get it filled. My friend Sally, just back from a trip, spent $2.99 (USD) for a bottle of water in the secure Wichita area. I was shocked, but she said she has to have water, regardless the cost. She also said she spent $2.49 for the same water in Boston, MA secure area. You would think it would be the other way around.

    Loved your story AND your mug. Bet the ones in the US aren't nearly as pretty or unique.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee and tale with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. What a great story-SO glad you got your mug! I know what you mean about getting something special when you see it :) Enjoy, and a happy T day!

  8. It's always worth the wait for the perfect mug :)

  9. Such a fun story to go with that handsome mug :-)
    So true about getting things when you see them.
    My Mr Magpie often tells me to buy two of things like shoes that I really like for example because you may not be able to get them again.
    I don't always take it that far but I do hear his words ;-)
    Happy T Day to you...

  10. What else is there to do when waiting for a flight.

  11. The perfect coffee mug, and a great story to go with it! are not the only one who finds herself doing these 'ridiculous' things...loved the reference to the server's face when you said you didn't want coffee in it. :) too funny. happy T day!

  12. You know when you really REALLY want something you go to great lengths to get it. :) I'm so happy you stuck it out! And came away with a story to tell. :) Happy T Day! Hugs! deb

  13. I think we share the same affliction for collecting mugs.... My husband just doesn't understand :)

  14. Hello and Happy T Day! What a pretty mug. I have learned the hard way of not buying something you want and then coming back for it. Some days I still need the reminder, lol.
    Thanks for sharing the story and your mug today. Have a great week.

  15. You know that everything will taste even better in that particular mug because it was harder to get and it has memories attached to it right off. ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Oh, good for you! I would have done the something, only I probably would have egged the lady behind me, just a little, to really piss her off.......LOL
    When I comb my hair just right you can't see the horns......grin
    Happy T-day

  17. I like the mug, mainly for the fact that the logo is quite small! I've never seen these mugs (apart from your Paris one of course) but that could be because I don't frequent the establishment in question... Your story made me smile - you could re-post it on Friday for Annie!!

  18. Oh Julia. This post REALLY brought a smile to my face. I'm sending a package to you that's for you and Lunch Lady Jan. I know that at least one item I put in there will get a lot of use!!!


  19. I know exactly why you bought that mug. We have two from Prague. We saw them in only one Starbucks in Boston and didn't buy them...never saw them again! DRAT!!! Should have listened to myself.

  20. How fun! I am a collector of tea cups and mugs, so i understand. My husband just smiles when I bring a new one home!

  21. So true. It's the things I don't buy that I regret , not the things I do.
    Shop on! and continue to amuse us by telling us about it.
    See you tomorrow on Quietfire Creations!!!

  22. Nice collection! I don't think the mugs here have Manila on it or even Philippines. :^( My nephew collects mugs from around the world. Quite a bulky collection because he travels a lot. But if you like it so much, won't you get sad if it breaks? :^) Happy drinking, patsy

  23. I think the coffee tastes better when you've gone to great lengths to find the right cup. I spent ages finding the right Doctor Who cup and the coffee is out of this world in that cup. If we get a Starbucks here I'll have a look to see if they sell an Australian one and get it for you. I think they are only in Sydney at the moment.

  24. It had to be done Julia.
    I have the England one and have asked a friend to grab one from Scotland for me (next time she visits).
    Enjoy your mug.
    Toni xx

  25. Another mug collector then! My OH has started collecting these and we have just come back from holiday in Australia via Hong Kong with 6 of them or was it 7!! All I know is they take up a lot of room in the hand luggage!


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