Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The day of the doily

Ah, Crop last Saturday was fun. As usual.  It involved four unfinished Layouts. Now for me, this is a sure sign of my maturity as a scrap booker. In the past, I've been very bad about patience and unfinisheds...and I've compromised and probably ruined LOs by rushing to a finish. After what, about eight years, it's about time. 
This needs journalling and explanation and quite possibly, another look - I swear it has a left hand lean now I see the photo!  It's all a bit out of balance for me, so ma htinking of a re-do.  Once a page hits the album inside a protector, I don't re-visit them.  I'm too lazy. Baby Mumma and Morti had brought pages that needed letters to be glued back on or re-visited for some reason of 'repair'...super impressed by that dedication!  Morti had other repairs too...remember darning?!

Another one that needs some annotation - primarily, a date to add to the label on the cute frame.  But of course, despite my beautiful niece's almost daily presence in my life when she was this age, I have no idea how old she was when this picture was taken....so that'll take a few moments to investigate. OK, to show Grandma - her memory is perfect where her grandchildren are concerned!

Apart from the unfinished theme...are you sensing another theme?

Yep, doilies.  This fab wedge of coloured doilies are from Baker Ross and I included them, as you can see.  Because....I couldn't help myself, | love a new toy!  
I wonder what my response will be if you ask me if I've finished these when I mention the next Crop.  Well, it is only a month away!
This will definitely not be finished..I'm 'saving' it to do at the next Crop.
That is....I'm not sure what else to do.....


Annie said...

I love the gorgeous colours of those doilies Julia and of course the LOs you've used them for.
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love doilies, but I've only seen white ones in my craft stores, and they are always found in the wedding supply area. These are beautiful, full of color, and present so many opportunities.

I did a horrible thing last week. When I linked, I was late and didn't link to my post, but to my blog. I've never done that before, and was shocked when I realized I had. My most sincere apologies, especially since I'm not playing this week.

Sue said...

I always struggle with getting things level, so I tend to do most things deliberately off.

I love the doilies. I have some so hope to do a project with them soon.

jill said...

Such pretty colours those dollies are. Lovely Lo's also Julia.

Debbie Frost said...

Love the layouts Julia finished or not. Oooh I wish I were closer so I could join in!! Love the doilies too.

Helen said...

ooh, never seen coloured doilies before.... suppose I'd better start thinking about what to bring to the WOYWW crop, it'll soon be here!

Monica said...

Darning what the ..... Someone darns, bet she even had a wooden mushroom thingy.
Monica That was such a shocking thought I had to dive into the Cadbury Easter eggs all promises to the Easter Bunny swept away in the pain of memories of darning.

Sharon Madson said...

I have to say that I didn't notice the theme until you pointed it out! LOL. Anyway ,love those colored doilies, and you have inspired me. :) TFS

Kyla said...

Ooh unfinished layouts.....I know that all too well. I printed off photos more than 2 yrs ago and they are still in the sideboard! Well done for starting the pages...more than I get round too!
Love the doilies too

Judys Fabrications said...

The doilies are a special touch!

trisha too said...

OOOOOOHHHHH these are awesome doilies indeed!!!


misteejay said...

Such pretty doilies and they look fab on the LOs.

Toni xx