Thursday, 5 February 2009


There's a bit of a thaw going on around here; a drip drip dripping away that has changed the colour of the light through my workroom window. In the last 10 minutes, that turned to sunshine. Lovely! So I thought I'd brave up and show you how the sunshine looks when it hits my table. What a shambles - start with the fact that clearly the window needs cleaning - because otherwise everything would look shiny and the picture clarity would be outstanding, right? Mmm. Yeah. Like my friend Sandie who posted before and after pictures of her wonderful scrapbook nook, I think I'll have a jolly good tidy and show you around properly. Soon. At least when the 3 important projects on my desk are off my desk and where they belong - in the hands of the postman!
Miss Dunnit and I ventured further afield than the village this morning because despite last night's huge amount of snow, the thaw set in quite early. We drove (!) to the next village; of course we went to the craft shop. Tracey, the owner, had heroically slid and slipped her way to open up - the pavements are treacherous. Naturally I did a little shopping while I was chattering (my number one and two skills). Got me some more of the smaller Papermania cardstock alphabets and finally some ribbon to finish off the Golden Wedding Invitations, and some adhesive to use at the Crop on Saturday. Planning. Finishing. Good words. Stop blogging and Just Do It. More good words!


Caryn said...

You stop talking Jules?? Stop daydreaming and pop over to my blog - there's a wee something there for you. Hugs n kisses,
Caryn xxx

Sandie Grisé said...

LOL! Imagine my surprise at reading your blog to find myself being mentioned :-) I'm glad that I have been inspiring others to have a go at showing before and after pictures of what chaos the creative process can create in one little room or area of a home.

ffroggie said...

I concur, not a hope of the stopping talking, and we love you for it :)

LOVE the boxes on the walls, are they new or did I jusy miss them in the excitement of your vase of ribbons?