Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Here's another terrible picture of an entry I did in Laura's CJ. Her theme was 'a special day'; and because I have lived quite a life and am older than I care to be, I have experienced soooo many special days. As you can see.
Today has been another. I note that my blog has been 'hit' by a little over a thousand readers since I set it up. (Check out the geek speak, I'm even talking in interweb!!) Take out several handfuls for the times I had to keep visiting it myself to see if things I was trying to add/change/colour had worked...and, well..I'm amazed!
You dear interweb, will probably just pass by and think that I'm a sentimental nutter. And you'd be right. I blub at the opening of an envelope, christmas carols, great food, blah blah - and once I even cried into my first (and probably the most sublime) gin and tonic after what seemed like a very l - o -n - g Lent!
So if you've read this far, pass me a tissue. And accept responsibility for smudging my mascara and making me ridiculously, insanely happy about it. My lovelies are slightly bemused by my reaction - but what do they know, they watch TV while I do this! Thanks for sharing my molecule of interweb, and thanks too for leaving the odd comment. Believe me, after reading 8 dozen blogs on a daily basis, I know how easy it is not to comment!


Claireliz said...

That CJ looks gorgeous.

Caryn said...

Hee, hee, crying over your G and T, what are you like?? I know what you mean though, it is so lovely when you know people are looking at your work and taking their time to leave a comment. It makes your heart warm!!

Caryn xxx

Anonymous said...

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