Friday, 16 January 2009

See the light

I was driven to show you this picture - it was the colour of the light that caught my eye whilst I was sifting through images this evening. I took this last New Year's Day at about 5 in the evening. Man how I long for some warm looking daylight. I don't think I have any sort of 'problem' with needing light or sun, but my heart yearns for it. Don't even know if I could manage to live in a 365 day sunny environment; rather perversley, I relish the change of seasons...but I do like them to have dramatic change rather than drift from warm wet to cold wet!
My sainted Mother, AP, is to blame for this. For sure. I was brought up enjoying, loving and looking forward to the opportunity to holiday. I may have complained as a child, but my father drove us thousands of miles across Europe to destinations pored over and planned by AP. She is the consummate tourist. I am grateful for and have learned from every one of our trips. There are 2 overwhelming lessons: TRY to speak the native language, just so you can display some manners, and wherever possible, make it a trip to the sun!
AP is also the person who taught me the value of scrapbooking and of buying/finding souvenirs that can be used in a scrapbook. I have several well thumbed sugar paper page scrapbooks from my childhood that show various destinations in Europe through my younger eyes. I collected sugar packets that had local print and scenery on them, pressed flowers, business cards, leaflets, tickets for trains trams and buses and even one parking ticket from a Swiss town that my father rather skilfully talked his way out of. (See, a bit of the language can go a very long way!).
As I'm flicking through photos for current scrapbook ideas, my past looms large. Wouldn't change a thing!
One of the villas in the picture above is available to rent. Spain, 40 minutes from Alicante. Sleeps 6 in 3 twin rooms and a sofa bed. Swimming pool over the road, walking distance to pubs clubs restaurants supermarkets and bank. You need a car - beaches and towns are a short journey to the nearest (10 mins). If you're interested in details, let me know. Leave a comment or track me down on UKS..I go by the same name!

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